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Nézsa cimer


Mayor's Welcome

kucsera_aThe village is located in Nógrád county, to the South of Balassagyarmat, in the vicinity of Rétság. It is on the southern border of the county, the closest major city is Vác.

The location plays an inportant role in the village's life, just like it used to be in earlier years.

The village has no real industry of its own. Residents find jobs in the Capital and its surroundings, mainly in Vác; local job-opportunities are mostly in the service industry and in governmental jobs.

The beauty and the diversity of the landscape, the orderliness of the place has always been appreciated by our visitors.

Our past is marked by some monuments and these define the present image of Nézsa. Among these are the the church, the manor, the calvary in the cemetery, some hand-carved tombstones from the 19th century. The most characteristic of all is the monument-group in the middle of the village; it is surrounded by a huge park, its late beauty can still be discovered here and there.

Among others, present is marked by some works of art by a late local sculptor and his apprentices.

Some of the monuments as well as buildings of the late agricultural comlex - which were emptied and have no present function - are waiting for enterpreneurs who are willing to give either the old functions back to them or have new ideas.

For those who would come to live here, there are some houses for sale and there are new sites available for building houses.

By browsing through the English language content you can get to know our roots, history and life here as well as possibilities for the future.

Enjoy your visit - now virtually and we do hope to be able to greet you personally as well in the near future.

Mr. András Kucsera

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