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Nézsa cimer


The Nézsa Public School

iskola_cimerThe present school - which is in the old manor - was opened in 1961, with only three classrooms.

The residents and the teachers themselves worked a lot so in the school year of 1962/63 8 classrooms and supplementary rooms were available.

It was also the first year when middle school pupils from the neighboring Alsópetény started to come to this school.

From the school year of 1973/74 the Keszeg middle schoolers also came here.

The latest major refurbishment took place between 1983-85.

The school works as a district school, where - besides the Nézsa pupils - we teach that of Alsópetény, Keszeg and Legénd.

Currently there are 11 rooms available for the pupils: 8 classrooms, 2 auditoriums and a library.

Unfortunately we have no gym of our own - classes are held either in the neighboring cultural center or - should wheather permit - in the huge park around the school. THis park serves well the free-time activities of the children as well as it is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The school welcomes al good initiatives. Thus we house two private art schools for musical, dance and handicraft-training.

There are language courses available for the adults.

Our study-groups organize several different contests not only for our own pupils but for those of the whole region. The usual school events are very popular with our pupils.

We also have Slovak language classes as the village has this minority as well. It is important for us to preserve the heritage of the Slovak side ancestors of as well.

In summers camper children can stay in the school building.

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